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Disney Krumkakes

20 Disney Icons in 20 Days

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20 krumkakes in 20 days
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-Join the community in order to participate.

-Each round, participants will claim a Disney movie or individual character. Claims can be made only once per round, and do not choose the same claim twice in a row.

-Both animated and live-action movies that have theatrical/home-video releases are accepted, but please, no animated icons (gifs). Only icons using movie screencaps, poster art, or officials stills are allowed at this time (no concept or fan art) unless otherwise specified. You may only use Disney studios movies, but feel free to ask about individual movies as this rule can be hard to define. Nightmare Before Christmas was released under Touchstone, but it was in development under Disney and has been re-issued under Disney so it is allowed. However, the Marvel series movies headed under Marvel studios (Avengers/Thor/Iron Man/etc) are not allowed at this time.

-Each round last 20 days. You can make 1 icon each day, or you can make all 20 icons in a single day, as long as you post your entry before the 20 days are up. Icons must be new, not previously posted.

-Participants will post their entries with 3 teaser icons and a link to the full icon post at their personal or graphics journal.

-Each round consists of 20 icons in 3 sections: 10 themed icons, 5 category icons, and 5 icons of the artist's choice.

-Most important rule: have fun!


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